Traumatic Injuries

Have you recently been INJURED at work or been involved in an AUTO COLLISION?


You Could Be Injured

Too often, we injury our body and then choose to not seek the medical attention we need.  There are lots of reasons we do this. Perhaps you aren’t feeling a lot of pain or discomfort. Maybe you think that it will heal on its own with time. Maybe you feel like the auto collision was so minor that there is no way that your body could be injured.

The truth is, someone who experiences a slip, a fall, or is in an auto traumatic injury doesn’t always know the extent of any injuries that may exist. The only way to know for sure is for one of our providers evaluate and diagnose any injuries you may have sustained.

Because UptownPMR combines traditional medical with chiropractic care, we have the ability to evaluate your condition using a number diagnostic techniques. We have a high end, digital X-Ray machine that can help us fully diagnose your pain. Once we know the extent of any injuries you might have, we will recommend a treatment plan that takes advantage of our combined medical and chiropractic abilities. Our goal is to get you healing and on the road to perfect health.

Delayed Injuries

Some people don't realize they are injured until hours or days later after a collision. It's best to have a full examination before condition becomes severe.


Expert Witness Testimony

UptownPMR has a proven track record of successfully providing expert witness testimony in various types of litigation involving work and auto accident related injuries. If you are an attorney seeking to provide injury related expert witness testimony for one of your cases, either plaintiff or defense, please call our office at (504) 861-8000. You can call us anytime, day or night. If your call is outside of our office hours our messaging service will contact us and we will return your call as quickly as we can.


Workers Compensation & Auto Insurance Companies

If you have been injured due to an accident, chances are you are working with an insurance company or working a claim through workers compensation. At UptownPMR, we deal with these situations on a daily basis so we have a team that solely handles working with auto insurance and workers comp claim companies. In most cases, our patients do not have any up front payments. Do not let the fear of “how am I going to pay?” stop you from contacting us. Let our friendly office staff discuss the process and options with you.

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