Traumatic Injuries

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You Could Be Injured

Auto collisions and workplace accidents cause millions of injuries every year. Although you may think nothing is wrong at first, injuries like whiplash or back problems aren’t always apparent right away. The doctors at Uptown PMR can help resolve the pain that often comes from accidents like these.  Even if you feel it was a minor accident, you could still suffer from long-term problems if you delay treatment.

When someone experiences a slip or fall or is in an auto collision or workplace accident, they don’t always know the extent of any damage that may be a result. The only way to know for sure is for one of our providers to evaluate and diagnose any injuries you may have sustained.

Because Uptown PMR combines traditional medicine with chiropractic care, we can evaluate your condition using several diagnostic techniques, including digital X-Rays that can help us fully diagnose your pain and injuries. Once we know the extent of any injuries you might have, we will recommend a thorough treatment plan that takes advantage of our combined medical and chiropractic abilities. Our goal is to get you healing and on the road to recovery.

Delayed Injuries

If there is damage to your car, most likely, there is damage to your body. Because auto accident injuries don’t always present themselves right away, it is still best to seek proper treatment after an accident even if you don’t think anything is wrong. If you have been in an accident, even if it’s a tiny fender bender, don’t hesitate to seek chiropractic care from Uptown PMR for a full examination before the condition becomes severe.


Expert Witness Testimony

In any complex medical-legal case, the testimony of an experienced expert witness is necessary.  Uptown PMR has a proven track record of successfully providing expert witness testimony in various litigation types involving work accidents and auto collision-related injuries. If you are an attorney seeking to provide injury-related expert witness testimony for one of your cases, either plaintiff or defense, please call our office at (504) 861-8000. We’d be happy to set up a consultation.


Workers’ Compensation & Auto Insurance Companies

If you’ve been injured because of an accident, chances are you are working with an insurance company or handling a claim through Workers’ Compensation.  At Uptown PMR, we deal with these situations daily, and we have a team solely dedicated to working with auto insurance and Workers’ Compensation claim companies. In most cases, our patients do not have any upfront payments.  Our staff will verify and explain your benefits before treatment.  Don’t let the fear of “How am I going to pay?” stop you from getting the relief you need.  Let our friendly office staff discuss the process and your options with you.